Autor: Joachim Milz.

On behalf of the IDH‐Biopartenaire‐Barry Callebaut Project in The Ivory Coast, ECOTOP started with a training program of 21 farmer trainers in Dynamic Agroforestry Systems (DAF) in the Region of Yamoussoukro. After a practical 3 days workshop DAF plots were installed on each trainer farm, distributed in the whole region according to the particular situation of the cocoa plantation. During a final workshop the lessons learnt were systematized and the basic principles deepened. Under the supervision of one ECOTOP and one Biopartenaire technician, each trainer will now start to apply his knowledge, assisting at least 30 farmers in the neighborhood of his own village. Detailed reports of the workshop and a plot description have been elaborated. During the mission many cocoa plantations were visited in the whole region. In the following report some general impressions will be given related to the overall situation of agricultural production and cocoa production in the visited regions of Yamoussoucro and areas visited in San Pedro in particular during a short mission in October 2011.